Wildlife Sanctuaries - Flora and fauna

Elephants of Sri Lanka    Reptiles of Sri Lanka 

In Sri Lanka about 90 species of mammals are found, ex. elephants, leopards, bears, monkeys and ungulates like deers. Among the reptiles there are many kinds of lizards, snakes and crocodiles. A large number of amphibians are everywhere. The sound from frogs and gekkoes at night is well known sound. Sri Lanka is a paradise for bird watchers (and insects). Freshwater fish are found in rivers and lakes. In the sea the coral reef is home for a large number of colorful fish. (Though Mirissa and Hikkaduwa are more or less destroid by turists.) Turtles can often be seen swimming close to land. (Hikkaduwa) In the latest years Sri Lanka has become a major spot for watching Whales (Autum i North east / spring south east) and Dolphins (and in some case sharks).

Flora. There are thousands of flowering plants. The coconut palm is 'the tree of life' to the Sri Lankans. The nuts are being used for drink and food. (King coconut for drinking) The leaves and wood for building. Sri Lanka is the largest coconut consuming country of all.  Among the trees of the forests are some valuable species, such as satinwood, ebony, ironwood and mahogany.

Nature reserves and Nationalparks in Sri Lanka: 

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