LKR Currency converter

Currency in Sri Lanka is called Rupee.

The currency code for Rupees is LKR, and the currency symbol is ₨.


For latest exchange rate always check online or local exchange office.

March 2020

1 Euro (EUR) is approx 200 - 210 Sri Lankan Rupee

1 US Dollar (USD) is approx 180 - 200  Sri Lankan Rupee

1 Danish Krone (DDK) is approx  25 - 30  Sri Lankan Rupee


You can exchange at the airport or most larger cities.

At present time there is no bigger difference in EUR / USD / DDK.

Please note that most ATM charges exchange rate and some airport exchange offices charges 200-400 rps

The Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR / Rs) is a floating currency, which means the exchange rate is determined by market forces, so samples above should be checked.